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Who we are

United Screens Music is here to help you as a music creator, artist, label or rights owner with everything related to your digital presence. We already work with many of the most well-established creators and labels in the industry and help them with everything from content strategies to uncontrolled spreading of your rights. Our dedicated team of certified experts has extensive knowledge of the digital platforms and thrive in helping you meet your needs with your music, whatever they may be!

We’re an affiliated company to the MPN United Screens. We still share office spaces and have a close collaboration, but this enables us to focus on and develop our offer for sound and music-related matters.

Digital rights

We hold a unique position in the market with our knowledge of digital rights. Our Rights Management team members are certified experts within Youtube Rights and other platforms such as Soundcloud and Facebook. They will help you as a copyright owner with a strategy to get control over the unauthorized use of your rights and earn money from your creations.

Partner Management

It is important for us to have a close relationship with our partners, built on trust and transparency. Our Partner Management team has great experience from both working within the music industry as well as working with Youtube. They will guide, support and advice you on everything regarding your online presence and business

Strategy & Insights

A sustainable strategy and optimized metadata are essential areas if you want to become successful on Youtube and your other social media outlets. We are all certified in Youtube Growth and our Strategy team will advise and help you with platform insights, how to present yourself visually and the keys to land on top of the search results.

Some artists we are working with

If you want to get in contact with any artist in our network, please send an email to and specify which one you want to reach out to.

We can also help you with

United Screens Music provide access to our Creator Studio, production resources, video advertising and influencer marketing collaborations.

This is what you can expect from us


We offer music distribution for platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Youtube Music and more. We can also distribute podcasts on all available platforms.

The friendly alternative

We want to be the friendly alternative, in both a social and financial way.

3 months notice to leave

We want you to be a partner with us because it’s the right thing, not because an agreement says so.

Monthly reporting

Each month you’ll get a report that displays the extra work our sales team puts in to selling advertising space on your channel.

Selected campaigns

Are you a brand or an artist that wants to create impactful influencer marketing campaigns? Our dedicated sales team can help you create magic! Send an email to and he will get back to you soon. Read about some of our recent campaigns below!

Mwuana for ECCO Shoes

ECCO teamed up with United Screens Music and Mwuana in a campaign for their new shoe model Exostrike.

Mwuana emphasized ECCO Exostrikes luxury and modern design in a cool combination of trend awareness and wilderness. He put his own “take” on the cooperation, which gave great credibility and enormously positive response from his followers!

Thanks to Mwuana’s distinctive and personal content, the Instagram post and story generated a great response. In total, the post and story got an exposure of 40,870 impressions. Additionally, the engagement from his followers was 16%, which is 12% more than the average 4 % on his channel – a very positive result!

BIC Shavers Nordic #BeAMan

With the #BeAMan campaign, BIC wants to contribute to a wider and more inclusive human ideal. They think it’s time to redefine what it means to be a man and leave the stereotypical image that limits men from being themselves.

BIC teamed up with 12 Nordic influencers, where Tom & Petter, Benjamin Ingrosso, Roni, PelleK, Morten Munster were some of them. More than 60 % of the posts, where our influencers made a personal reflection of BIC’s initiative on their own, had the same or better engagement rate than their average posts.

The campaign video received 338 703 views via the influencers own channels. In total, the influencers got 129 559 likes and 1702 comments om their posts that were related to BIC’s campaign – a true success!


adidas reached out to us at United Screens with the desire to promote their new soccer shoe Hard Wired Pack. We got in touch with two of Swedens biggest hip hop stars Iminella and Jireel and we let them handpick one respective soccer team to play a game against each other.

The game streamed live on two Youtube channels, with live commentators. The viewers were able to live chat during the game. The live stream got a large audience who watched the game. The campaign combined influencer marketing with an innovative media solution which dubbled the sale of adidas Hard Wired Pack.

We help you with Youtube Music

Youtube Music is a new music streaming service which offers background listening (eg. close the screen whilst listening) and the ability to download videos for offline consumption. There are two versions of Youtube Music; a free, ad-supported version and a premium version with a monthly fee.

On top of administrating rights on the Youtube platform, we also distribute and handle masters on Youtube Music.

Contact us at if you want to know more about how we can help you!

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We have Nordic presence with our headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. You are always welcome to stop by for a coffee and a chat with us!